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PowerOfTheHerb.com specializes in natural supplements to aid with muscle gain and testosterone support. Our best seller is a very rare herb commonly known as Tongkat Ali, also commonly known as Pasak Bumi in Indonesia. Its botanical name is "Eurycoma Longifolia Jack".

Fake Tongkat Warning


Tongkat Ali has a very long history of popular use in the far east as an aphrodisiac, and is now in great demand with bodybuilders in the western world also, due to its reported ability to raise free test levels naturally by as much as 400%. The British journal of sports medicine recently announced it as being officialy effective (see our research page) in a recent double blind placebo study, which proves Tongkat Ali is not just another fad herb with nothing but un-realistic in vitro studies and rat tests to back up reports, since it has been researched with success on real people!

For more detailed info about Tongkat Ali, please refer to the Tongkat FAQ page.

We sell only the highest quality Indonesian Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract by World A.B.S™ .

All World A.B.S™ extract is harvested and produced by Sumatra Pasak Bumi, the largest most respected producer of Tongkat Ali in Indonesia and indeed probably the world. These are the people that created the very first 1:200 extract and are the people that provided the extract for most of the tests and studies you see on pubmed etc, so it is guaranteed to be genuine and not fake like the majority of Tongkat on the market.

You can confirm by going to http://tongkatali.org/resellers.htm that we are official re-sellers of their product, and can see our site on the official reseller list!

To view all of the Certificates & Licence's in relation to Tongkat that SPB hold, just click HERE

Below is a photo of the 1:200 capsules which are marked SPB, if it is not marked SPB it is NOT being sold by a genuine SPB reseller and therfore has more of a chance of being fake, possibly just Tribulus being sold as Tongkat, which seems to be a common scam used by many wholesale and retail suppliers nowadays as prices for genuine T Ali remain high, as the look and taste is very similar, and those who know no better would find it impossible to tell the difference.

genuine SPB Tongkat Ali

Why buy from us and not the manufacturer?

Purchasing from a reseller or third party is always much cheaper than purchasing from Sumatra Pasak Bumi directly as they are a wholesaler, which means their retail prices are very high unless you buy in bulk, and then you still have to pay shipping, customs fees, wait for delivery, risk customs classing your import as to large for persnal use and siezing it, etc etc. For small personal amounts, we are one of the cheapest resellers of genuine certified and proven to be real Tongkat Ali 1:200 anywere at this time! We also provide 120 caps per bottle, almost all other sellers only provide 100 per bottle.

As well as Tongkat Ali we also sell other muscle building supplements, such as the No.1 Pro stack, also by World A.B.S™, which contains the same 1:200 extract plus a whole lot more!

Add to the above products the recent edition of 5-M-7 XTR and BTT Pro (REAL Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris with 90% Protodioscin, an ideal companion to TKA 1:200 or #1 Pro Stack) and you have some of the best natural bulking aids around.


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This is the second purchased I have mode from P.O.T.H . Both times customer service were friendly and helpful. International delivery was very efficient. The quality of the products have been exceptional, experiencing significant increase in my strength, stamina and even improving my overall outlook on life. Yours in health, Dr Cary Gilbert BSc MChiro 
9 Jun 2011

Order was as described and delivered quickly. 
5 Jun 2011

excellent! received parcel in less than 10 days from uk. 
14 Mar 2011

28 Feb 2011

Great products and service. we will continue purchase from Dave. 
8 Feb 2011